Review: You Can’t Get There From Here, Eelco Shilder, FolkWorld Germany

Kim Sanders is a musician from Australia who plays several wind instruments. From different kind of gaita’s up to the tenor sax which he all uses on this cd as well. He studied and performed music for a longer period in Turkey, the Balkan and West-Africa and these influences can be heard in his recorded work. On this cd he co-operates with Sabahattin Akdagcik on several lute instruments, Steve Elphick on double bass, Peter Kennard on percussion, Tarlochan Singh on tablas and Epizo Bangoura on djembe and balafon. The cd contains a collection of strong compositions which mostly find their roots in Turkey an a few in the Balkan. The music is sometimes mystic like in Segah taksim (taksim is the Turkih word for improvisation, that is what he does in this tune) or in Kabadayi. But the music can also be full of tension and real virtuous like in the Bulgarian tune Giorgi’s pravo. Kim sanders shows that he knows his way on all the instruments he plays. The compositions and performance are of high quality and the mixture of instruments from different areas give a rich sound to the music. I like the sound of tabla in Blues for the Balkans. A tune from Macedonia which indeed is brought in a blues way and these tabla’s together with the sax make this a beautifully, almost sad piece of music. If you would like to order this cd please visit the webpage (, it’s worth the trouble.

–  Eelco Schilder, FolkWorld (Germany) ( )