Kim Sanders’ Friends


Hurray – This gig is now rescheduled for Thursday Sept 8, 2022.

Llew Kiek (all things string), Stuart Vandegraaff (saxophones), Ivaylo Karamanliev (kaval), Boyd (big saxophones), Mark Szeto (bass), Sam Golding (trumpet), Peter Kennard (percussion), Chris Fields (percussion) and special guests if we are lucky.

Sorry, we had to cancel the performance on 27 March 2022 due to Covid contacts.


The stunning line up of “Kim Sanders’ Friends” – Sandy Evans, Llew Kiek, Boyd, Stuart Vandegraaff, Mark Szeto, Sam Golding, James Greening, Ivaylo Karamanliev, Peter Kennard, Chris Fields and Ron Reeves – were so excited from playing Kim’s music again that they decided they wanted to repeat the experience.

snippets from the book launch of October 2019

the above link is a little taste of what went on at Camelot that night.

Below is a 30 minute sample of the marvellous book launch on 27 October 2019 at Camelot Lounge.

The pieces on this clip are Waste of Time Busking, Kong’s Dream, Mopti at Last, Impossible Dreams of Sonia and Tarian KunangKunang.

30 minutes of funky fun from Kim Sanders’ Friends in October 2019

So look out for them again at Camelot Lounge in November, and maybe at Woodford 2020 and Womadelaide 2021 if we are lucky and the dreaded Covid 19 lets the music play.