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Kim died in 2013. He was an important figure in Australia’s early multi-cultural or ‘World’ musical development This book is a collection of his life’s work as a composer, writing for his own world/jazz ensembles (chiefly Brassov and Kim Sanders & Friends), and the scores reflect a variety of arrangement models from lead sheets to 6-part band arrangements.

Known in folk, world and jazz circles, Kim often performed music from several different cultural groups (particularly Balkan, Turkish, Indonesian & West African) however the book contains only his original compositions. They are equally informed by those key cultures and his other great loves and major musical influences – jazz and improvisation.

We (Linda Dawson, Mara Kiek and Llew Kiek) feel that the book has potential as an educational resource for senior high school students and tertiary music students studying world music and jazz fusion, but it is primarily intended as a general resource for any musicians interested in sourcing contemporary Australian world/jazz repertoire for a range of ensembles, from large band formats to small ensembles.

The book is distributed as a single item (A4 in either wire or perfect binding).

CDs are available of Kim’s ensembles which contain recordings of much of the repertoire, and in a few cases, two recordings of the same work with different arrangements.

Please contact me, Linda Dawson, via for information and to place your orders.

You may also order his CD’s    Tshirt 1546415_650165711691449_1549086686_n

and your very own Kim Sanders memorial T Shirt.

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“Kim’s book is absolutely amazing. So beautifully, lovingly and carefully presented…and such an amazing resource and tribute.”  Sandy Evans


“On the one hand his composing is a celebration of disparate cultures and their sounds, but it is also a celebration of our commonality.”  John Shand


“Those familiar with Kim Sanders know that he … immersed himself first-hand in the cultures he [drew] from, living, travelling and making music in all these places.”  Bradfield Dumpleton

“Strip all else away and Kim Sanders’ sinuous compositions are timeless and ebullient cries of elation at what it is to be human.” John Shand

“Sanders [was] a relentless champion of world music.”  Jaslyn Hall

September 2019

“Kim Sanders’ Music” is reviewed in the Music Trust’s Loudmouth ezine December edition. You can read the review at Scroll down on their site to find it. We hope you enjoy the review and find it useful.

December 2019

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Kim Sanders’ Music – book launch was held at Camelot Lounge, Marrickville on Sunday, October 27 2019

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For John Shand’s review of the launch concert see –

October 2019

Kim Sanders' Music

Kim Sanders’ Music

After 4 years of work, I am excited to announce that the book “Kim Sanders’ Music” is now available.

It contains most of Kim’s compositions – 39 tunes, some full scores, some simple lead sheets, including “Kong’s Dream” and “Istanbul Bluesu”. All are waiting to be played by musicians who want to have fun with bent grooves and the occasional quarter tone.  Kim explored rhythms and scales of music from many lands and incorporated them into his compositions.

December 2018

Please contact me, Linda Dawson, via for information and to place your orders.

You may also order his CD’s    Tshirt 1546415_650165711691449_1549086686_n

and your very own Kim Sanders memorial T Shirt.

Linda D.

January 2019
This Project was supported by Inner West Council through an Arts and Cultural Grant, and by many wonderful friends and relations.