Title Artists Publisher Year ID Format
Pachacuti Tony King Pachacuti 2010 pach 0810 cd
Om Spiritus – Music for a Peaceful Planet India Jiva Medicine Music 2009 MM113 cd
Son of a Lion –  original film soundtrack music by Amanda Brown 2008 Think1004 cd
NSW State of Play 2008 compilation NSW Folk Federation 2008 NSWFF0801 cd
The Continents Mark J Saliba World Premier Recording 2008 cd
Bent Grooves Kim Sanders & Friends self 2007 MMKS 002 cd
Universal Mother India Jiva Medicine Music 2006 mm108 cd
bondi-chill rick.e.dee Chill out factor 2006 COF-BC 0601 cd
Trance’n’Dancin Kim Sanders with Peter Kennard self 2005 cd
The Well of Yearning Caiseal Mor Mor/Kennard 2003 cd
The National – 35 years of Australian National Folk Festival compilation Nat’l library of Australia et al 2003 cd
Mosaic – Music from Around the World compilation The Australian Institute of Eastern Music 2002 AIEM CD3 CD3 cd
You can’t get there from here Kim Sanders & friends self 2002 cd
Not Just Music GengGong WotCrossCultural Synergy 2000 MSCD 0258 cd
Fasil Hicaz Turkish Art Music Ensemble Sabahattin Akdağcik School of Music Mosaic 1999 SASOM cd
The Donkey Drank Wine Silvia Entcheva Trio self 1998 cd
The Water of Life Caiseal Mor & Friends EarthWorks 1997 EW 10005 cd
Chronic Rhythmosis Brassov Rufus Records 1997 RF032 cd
Venus in Eritrea a play Stolen Planet Productions 1997 cd
The Song of the Earth Caiseal Mor & Aisling 1996 mpva1005 cd
Flamenco Dreaming Jose Calcarco self 1996 FDCD-9671 AMCOS cd
Phanari tis Anatolis Phanari tis Anatolis Music Box International 1994 MBI 10608.2 cd
Camels in the City Nakisa Sandstock Music 1991 SSM 043CD cd
Chichitote Chichitote self 1991 cassette
One (0 to 9 Series) compilation ABC Radio 1989 836 862-1 LP
Inşallah..If god wills it Nakisa Sandstock Music 1988 SSM 032 cassette  LP
Seaweed & Wire Seaweed & Wire self 1987 cassette
Nakisa Nakisa self 1986 cassette
Tansey’s Fancy Tansey’s Fancy self 1983 CF003#1 cassette  LP

There are other recordings of Kim – such as with Oppie Andaresta, Oguz Yilmaz, Setiawan Djody, Blair Greenberg, Turkish Art Ensemble, and a Music Deli (ABC Radio) compilation – but I have no copies or details about them. LD

LD 2019



Title Director Date
‘and/or = one’  Briann Kearney 1982
‘Içimizden Biri’ Turkish language Arslan Kacar 1986
(one about a bulgarian singer who migrated to Australia ) 198?
‘Pandemonium’ Haydn Keenan 1987
‘Luigi’s Ladies’ Judy Morris 1989
‘Dead to the World’ Ross Gibson 1991
‘You’re not alone’ (Turkish language)(musical director) 1993
 ‘Babble On’ Persian program in SBS Series 1995
‘Dead Letter Office’ John Ruane 1998
 ‘Day of the Roses’ TV mini series. Peter Fisk 1998
‘Soft Fruit’ Christina Andreef 1999
‘The Human Journey’ Roger Scholes 2000
‘Serenades’ Mojgan Khadem 2001
‘Horses: The story of Equus’ Michael Caulfield 2001
‘Australians at War’ TV series 2001
‘Afghanistan: Drugs, Guns & Money’ Ashley Smith 2002
‘Mona Lisa’ Sotiris Dounoukos 2004
‘Allah Calling’ Shahid Sayed 2006
‘Romulus my Father’ Richard Roxburgh 2007
‘Son of a Lion’ – see discography Benjamin Gilmour 2007
‘Unfinished Sky’ Peter Duncan 2007
‘Killer Elite’  starring Robert de Niro Gary McKendry 2011

This list is probably not everything that Kim was involved in.

  LD. August 2019


Kim performed live music for

“Flamenco Dreaming”, Descendance, 1996, dir.Jose Calarco

“Bayan-Bayang”,  Sawung Jabo (dance/music production)1996

“Kelly’s Republic”, Festival of Sydney 1997, mus. dir. Peter Kennard

“Dr. Akar’s Women”, Griffin Theatre Company at The Stables 2001, with Sabahattin Akdagik

“Who Dies? “Kinetic Energy Theatre Company 2006

“Undiscovered Land – Voyage 2”,  Kinetic Energy Theatre Company 2006

“Village space”, Theatre in Education, Kinetic Energy Theatre Company 2006-2007

Kim was also involved in productions for Sydney Theatre Company, South Australian State Theatre Company, Bell Shakespeare Company and Belvoir St Theatre Company, but I am not sure in what capacity – session recording, or live performance or composition.

Sept 2019 LD