Kim’s Music

February 2024….I am so very pleased to announce that Kim’s music is now available at  You can listen and buy both downloads and hardcopies of his CDs.  The music book is also available thru this site, but only as hardcopy. 

YouTube, Facebook etc

There are quite a lot of videos of Kim, including:

Kim Sanders’ Deep Focus – a photomontage tribute with Brassov playing  “Gnome Chomsky’s Deep Focus Boogie Woogie”

Brassov at Bondi Pavillion

The way of the bagpipe (PAN International) – Kim is one of many pipers!

Ron Reeves & Kim Sanders at Simfes 2012 Sawahlunto Indonesia

Kim Sanders & Friends 1 at Camelot, 2013   “Blues for the Balkans”

Kim Sanders & Friends 2 Camelot, 2013

Kim Sanders – Saba taksim – Turkish Sufi ney – Sydney, Australia, Dec 2008

Birol Topaloglu – tulum or Black Sea bagpipe, Kim Sanders – gayda or Thracian bagpipe, With Laz singers and tabla at Gitar Cafe, Kadikoy, Turkey, Dec 2008

Blues for the Balkans by Kim Sanders

Pajdusko (пајдушко) Kim Sanders Sydney Australia Gaida

Greek dance from Thassos Kim Sanders Sydney Australia gaida

Macedonian gaida (Македонска гаjда) Prilepsko oro Kim Sanders

Kım Sanders Gaıda (γκάϊντα) Yiourgia (Υιούργια) Sydney Australia

There are some more YouTube videos listed on the links page.

(When searching for ‘gaida’ in Turkish contexts, spell it ‘gayda’ – that’s the Turkish spelling. Sometimes in Macedonia it is spelled ‘gajda’. Or, if you are set up for Cyrillic, use the relevant one. And don’t confuse our Kim with the German/American female one!)

 If you find more, or if some of these links don’t work, please let us know by email:

Clips and Cuts

Click on the titles below to hear cuts from some of the tracks from Trance’nDancin and You Can’t Get There From Here. We’ve converted them to MP3, but please be patient, they may take a brief while to download.

Bent Grooves

Trance’nDancinT&D f-cover

You Can’t Get There From HereYCGTFH front cover