Kim Sanders & Friends will present a tribute and farewell to long-time bassist Steve Elphick at the Sound Lounge on Friday December 9. A regular performer with the band for more than ten years, Steve is moving to Melbourne in January.


“The thing about Steve is, wherever the music takes us – and in this band we go to some places that might seem pretty strange to some people – Steve always plays so musically” says Kim. “Tonally, melodically, rhythmically. He’s a great improviser, and has been playing various kinds of ‘world music’ – how I hate marketing terms! – for long enough to be able to play without thinking about the sources he has internalised. And I have been playing with Steve, Sandy and the others for so long now that we can all forget that stuff, and just play! That’s when the magic happens!

A lot of my tunes consist of a circular bass-line, a melody-line and a rhythm. The bass-line holds it all together. When you have a bass-player like Steve, when you are improvising, you always know exactly where you are, even though the tune might be in 13/8 or 17/8, because the feel is there. It’s like a Cuban son tune – Cachao Lopez never plays the bass-line the same way twice but the feel is there, all right! The African infinite-minute-variation approach.

We’ll be sorry to see him go, but we’ll all be fired up at the gig!”

In a career spanning more than twenty-five years Kim Sanders has performed with Gypsy wedding bands in Macedonia, studied with Sufi ney-masters in Turkey, played in mosquito-infested night-clubs in Gambia, tavernas in Greece, concert-halls indonesia and China and on national radio in Bulgaria.

The occasion is also an opportunity for the band to perform with two drummers, Toby Hall, a regular at the Sound Lounge and Peter Kennard, a superb colourist and a master of the frame drum. Together with Steve, it’s a dynamite rhythm section! They will be joined by saxophonist Sandy Evans, herself an explorer in many World Music idioms including the Classical Carnatic tradition of Southern India.

* Kim Sanders: Ganesha (hybrid Bulgarian/Turkish/Balinese/Australian bagpipe), ney (Turkish Sufi flute), kaval (Bulgarian wooden flute, mey (Turkish double reed), tenor sax
* Sandy Evans: tenor and soprano saxes
* Steve Elphick: double bass
* Toby Hall: drums
* Peter Kennard: dhaf (Middle-Eastern frame drum), darabukka (Balkan/Middle-Eastern goblet drum), percussion

8.30 – 11pm
Friday Dec 9
The Sound Lounge
The Seymour Centre
Cnr City Rd & Cleveland St
$20(non-member) – $15 (member) – $10 (student)
Details and on-line bookings at

For HiRes photos, to arrange interviews etc contact Kim at

This is the second in the Elphick’s Last Stand series put on by Sydney Improvised Music Association. The first will feature Steve with “The World According to James” at the Sound Lounge on Saturday November 26. Details, bookings at

Kim Sanders & Friends at the Gearin

Kim Sanders & Friends:

High-altitude World Music at the Gearin

Kim Sanders & Friends return to the Gearin Hotel in Katoomba on Sunday December 6 for a performance of high-altitude World music.

The gig will include ska, Persian reggae and South African township jive as well as the band’s usual eclectic mix of  demented Balkan Gypsy dance grooves, Turkish Sufi meditations, Latin jazz and strange bent originals.

World Music veteran Sanders has studied with Sufi ney-masters in Turkey, played with Gypsy wedding-bands in Macedonia, in mosquito-infested nightclubs in Gambia, seedy tavernas in Greece, concert-halls in Turkey, Bulgaria  and Indonesia and tea-houses in China. He’s even played with Normie Rowe at Penrith Leagues Club – now that’s street cred!

Hong-Kong-born bassist Mark Szeto will be chunking out the bottom end.  “Mark will be playing fretless electric on this gig – we’re gonna funkify it a little”, says Kim. “The music will be a bit different with fretless. The band works with a pool of musicians, and each one brings something different so the music is always fresh.  But because we have played together so much in so many different contexts, we can improvise freely and the music can take unexpected turns without anyone falling off!   Mark is new blood, of course – this is his second gig with the band”. Mark has played with Monsieur Camembert, the Sydney Opera House Orchestra and joined Kim and Llew on Wizards of Odd tour in Sth Australia earlier this year.

Multi-instrumentalist Llew Kiek is best known for his work in Australia and Europe with world-jazz band  Mara! Llew and Kim have been playing together for more than twenty-five years in bands including Tansey’s Fancy, Silvia Entcheva Trio and Nakisa. He also plays on Kim Sanders & Friends latest CD “Bent Grooves”.

Percussionist Peter Kennard will be laying down the intricate beats on darabukka, dhaf, strange-looking drums and jingly things. “Peter’s the best in Australia on frame drums” says Kim “and also plays a pretty mean darabukka”.  Peter recently toured Australia with Gypsy guitarist Lulo Reinhardt. He has played with Ashok Roy, Sirocco, the Flying Fruitfly Circus and is a veteran of Kim’s legendary world/Gypsy band Brassov. He also collaborated with Kim on his acclaimed CD ‘Trance’n’Dancin’.

Kim Sanders: ney (Sufi flute), kaval (Bulgarian wooden flute), mey (Turkish double reed), Bulgarian and Turkish gaidas (bagpipes), tenor sax

Llew Kiek: bouzouki, baglama, oud

Mark Szeto: fretless electric bass

Peter Kennard: darabukka, dhaf, percussion

2.30 pm, Sunday December 6

Gearin Hotel
273 Great Western Hwy, Katoomba (near the station)

$20/15 conc
Lunch available 12 – 3 pm

Info and bookings: (02) 4782 4395