Review: You Can’t Get There From Here, Carina Prange, Jazz Dimensions Germany

Kim Sanders has built bridges with this album which connect not only the orient with the occident, but also Jazz with the turkish/bulgarian/african traditions. He is remarkably versatile and brilliant on the windinstruments.
All other artists on the album are also masters of their instruments.

The album conveys authenticity and beats comparable competition hands down. The union of bagpipes and percussion, Ney, Mey and Oud (?) is both daring and successful and creates music as a universal language without  limits to communication or impossibilities.  This a dream of an album full of emotion and skill.

– Carina Prange, Jazz Dimensions, Germany ( )

(Or the computer-translated version:
The album of Kim of Sanders living in Australia strikes a bridge between Orient and Okzident, between jazz and Turkish-Bulgarian-African tradition. Sanders remarkably on is the versatility, with which it really acquires itself the play of its most difficult folkloristichen wind instruments into various musical worlds not to only in-dip, but for it on masterful level…)